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Tips to Let go of Sentimental Clutter

Year-end is the perfect time to get rid of stuff. Out with the old! Decluttering is about letting go of things that are no longer useful, enjoyable or meaningful at this point in your life. It’s time to let go…

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What’s Your Favorite Indoor Activity?

Brrrr...usually it’s cold in most of the country so we spend most of our time indoors. What’s your favorite indoor activity? I bet “reading” immediately sprang to mind. Is your book collection organized so you can find just the right…

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The Lure of Magazines

Many people love to get and save magazines, lots of them! They are glossy, colorful and full of information. Do you read the ones you get? All of them? While still current? Do you save them to refer to --…

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Self-Improvement: Time-saving Tips

Did you know that September is Self-Improvement Month? Is there something you would like to learn? Maybe conversational Cantonese? How to rebuild car engines? Ways to get better organized? The last one? Excellent choice! One challenge I hear from people…

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