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Did you know that September is Self-Improvement Month? Is there something you would like to learn? Maybe conversational Cantonese? How to rebuild car engines? Ways to get better organized? The last one? Excellent choice!

One challenge I hear from people is they cannot keep up with their things to do. Here is a quick, easy way to help get better organized at home or work: Use small pockets of time to accomplish quick tasks. Everyone, on most days, can spare 10 to 15 minutes. Pockets of time sometimes present themselves. Your friend is running late so lunch is pushed back 15 minutes. You now have 15 unplanned minutes. An errand you allotted one hour to complete was done in 40 minutes. Here are 20 more minutes. Sometimes you can create pockets of time, such as by shortening tasks that really need less time than they are given. Usually these time opportunities go unnoticed and the time is wasted. Regular use of small pockets of time can add up to quite a bit of extra time so watch for them!

For quick tasks, here are 10 ideas.

1.  Fold a load of laundry
2.  Make kids’ lunches
3.  Declutter an area
4.  Sign permission slips
5.  Toss old food from the fridge
6.  File papers
7.  Empty the dishwasher
8.  Make a grocery list
9.  Select your outfit for tomorrow
10. Delete unwanted e-mails in your inbox

Create and maintain a Quick Tasks List. As pockets of time become available, you will be prepared. Jot down new tasks immediately so they are not forgotten with the next interruption.


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Adriane Weinberg

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