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My Staging Process

My staging process

We start with a Comprehensive Assessment Consultation (CAC).  The seller (or agent) and I take a thorough tour of the house—inside and out. Seeing through buyers’ eyes, I point out major and minor cosmetic flaws that buyers will notice and mentally deduct from your asking price. At the end of the tour, I provide an action plan with recommendations for improvements and, if requested, my priority order.

Decluttering is the first, and most important, step. I can help you decide what to keep or eliminate. Next, furniture and accessories are strategically placed to maximize square footage and focus buyers on the best features of each room. Outside, curb appeal is critical. If they won’t like what they see outside, they may move on to your competition.

To give your house the wow factor that commands top dollar, the critical last step is what I call the “final staging touches.”  Emotion-stirring vignettes are created throughout the house. They draw in buyers so they will make an offer on your house.

Realtors’ mantra is location, location, location.

Mine is emotion, emotion, emotion!

“Adriane and I carefully went through every room. Seeing through a potential buyer’s eyes, she noticed every detail. [Adriane’s] home-staging services has [sic] improved my house’s first impression to attract buyers’ attention and ultimately increased my home value.”

Im Ja Choi, Top-producing Realtor

You may use the CAC to do the work on your own if you have do-it-yourself skills or we can work together. I want the best outcome for you.

Download 15 Essential Home Staging Tips for a Quick, Top-Dollar Sale

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