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Our everyday lives rely on smartphones, tablets, computers, chargers, routers, TVs, electric coffeemakers, electric toothbrushes and so many other devices that depend on power to operate. Have you given much (or any) thought to protecting them from getting fried?

We’re still in thunderstorm and hurricane season. We get some warning when lightning may be in the area if it’s preceded by thunder. Power surges and spikes happen at any time and without warning. In fact, usually we’re not even aware when they occur.

You should have a strong surge protector to absorb power surges and spikes. It’s your first line of defense to protect your devices and data. Here are some power-ful tips.

  • Did you know that a surge protector can only absorb so many surges and spikes before it becomes just a power strip? It has a definite lifespan. Like a light bulb, it doesn’t last forever and periodically needs replacement. There are no specific guidelines as to when to replace it. Some say after two years. If yours is more than a few years old or has absorbed a particularly strong surge, replace it immediately.
  • Some people mistakenly believe that a surge protector will safeguard devices against a lightning strike. Nothing can do that! At the first clap of thunder, awareness of an approaching storm or if the lights flicker a few times, immediately unplug critical devices.
  • A surge protector can be used as a power strip but a power strip is not a surge protector. A power strip simply provides additional electrical outlets.
  • Back up your data in the cloud, on a hard drive or subscribe to an online backup service like Carbonite. If choosing the hard drive option, I suggest using two at a time and keeping one offsite in a safe deposit box. Then you’re protected against a home fire, theft or defective drive. If the worst should happen, your data is safe and can be transferred to a new device.

Maybe you’re telling yourself it’s never been a problem or you don’t want to bother.

To a patient complaining about having to floss, the dentist replied, “Just floss the teeth you want to keep.” In other words, just protect the devices and data you want to save!




Adriane Weinberg

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