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Photo MessSeptember is Save Your Photos Month. Once again, members of The Photo Managers (formerly the Association of Personal Photo Organizers) are generously offering free, weekly online mini-classes, September 1 through October 31, on myriad photo-related topics.

As a professional organizer, I’ve helped people organize photos but I don’t consider myself a photo expert. Last year I listened to some of the classes and learned a few things.

Photos are moments frozen in time. They’re a look back to see how the kids have grown, the sports car you owned in your 20s, family pets, vacations to faraway places. They can bring joy or sadness. They represent the history of our lives. Whether just for our eyes or to pass along to the next generation, they’re valuable. People count photos among their most cherished belongings. If you haven’t already, take time to organize them. At a minimum, cull your collection by sorting keepers and losers. Then lose the losers.

Consider digitizing your photos. With wildfires raging in the west, once-in-a-century floods more often  or houses blown away by hurricanes, precious photos are gone forever. Should a disaster happen, you’d still have them.

Here’s a post I wrote in 2019, Tips to Organize Your Life in Photos, with, well, tons of tips.

If you want to learn how to take better photos, organize them, create a family legacy, become a professional photo organizer and much more, register here. You’ll see the list of classes with a brief description. Then choose the ones you’d like to take. Enjoy your current and future photo collection!

Adriane Weinberg

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