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Paper Sorters

In response to last month’s post, a reader asked: “Have you seen any monthly sorters for papers?” Of course! Following are some product suggestions.

1-31 desktop paper sorter

This colorful, expanding desktop file sorter by Pendaflex has a slot for each day of the month. It’s perfect for keeping papers that will be needed on a specific date — whether the date is assigned to you or by you. Even though slots are labeled 1-31, this product can be used to store papers for any day of any month. For example, say you have papers you’ll need on March 23 and June 5. In the upper right corner of each paper, write the dates of 3-23 and 6-5, respectively, and file them in the proper date slot. Tip: Keep the current month’s papers in front and later months’ papers in back. Easy! So nothing is forgotten, be sure to check each day’s slot either early that morning or, better yet, the day before. It’s available for $20.29 at


Daily Desk File A-Z

If you prefer to file alphabetically, this Pendaflex Desk File Sorter has slots labeled A-Z. Get it for $18.49 at


Desktop Paper Sorter A-Z - 1-31

If you want the functionality of A-Z and 1-31, this Smead product is available for $22.99 at

Accordion Paper SorterA familiar product is the accordion expanding file with pockets labeled January through December (or get a similar product with pockets labeled 1-31). To make retrieval easier, put papers in chronological order within each pocket. Again, you can use the pockets for any month of any year; just put the retrieval date in an upper corner. This one is the [In]Place Expanding File for $16.99 at

Jan-Dec Poly File SorterIf you want a portable product, here is a Pendaflex poly paper sorter with 13 pockets that can be labeled January through December, with an extra pocket to use any way you like, or use the blank inserts to make different labels. This one has a flap and elastic closure to keep papers secure. It’s available for $7.29 at


Portable File Box

A similar option but with a handle for easy portability is available for $15.99 at

Clear Desktop Sorter

If you prefer to keep papers visible on your desk, use folders in this clear desktop sorter by Rubbermaid to create your own system. I like that it’s on an incline so your folder labels will be easy to see. Buy it from Amazon for $19.99.

Hanging File FoldersA simple, less expensive option is to create your own system using hanging folders in a desk or file drawer. Label folders 1-31, A-Z or whatever works best for you. They are available at any office supply store.

Most importantly, get products that work well for you or you won’t use them.

Note: Products shown are for letter-size papers but most are also available in legal size.

HOT NEWS — Grand Opening of The Container Store 

The grand opening of THE CONTAINER STORE in King of Prussia, PA (suburban Philadelphia) is this weekend — Saturday, March 8, and Sunday, March 9th.  Spend $100 in this store between March 8-31 and get a $15 shop card to use between April 1-30. The Container Store will donate 10% of the grand opening sales to the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. Buying products to get better organized will benefit a very worthy charity. For information, call 484-235-5825. Professional organizers who work in the area are thrilled to have The Container Store nearby!

Product of the Month

If paperwork — or anything else — is stressing you out, you need to know about this Web site! To free your mind from whatever is worrying you, go to Watch peaceful images and hear relaxing music. Take their relaxation exercises that range from two to twenty minutes. I guarantee you’ll feel better.

Notable Quote

Each pile of clutter is a monument to a series of small procrastinations.  ~Peter Walsh, Organizing Expert

My March Engagements

Thursday, March 6 — I’ll be at the private preview party to celebrate the opening of The Container Store in King of Prussia, PA. The public grand opening is on Saturday, March 8, and Sunday, March 9.

Saturday, March 8 — Co-presenter at a monthly workshop called Second Saturday for women in transition due to divorce or being widowed. Hosted by the Women’s Independence Network, workshops are held 9:00 am-12:00 pm at Montgomery County Community College.  Any women going through this transition who is in need of support and resources is welcome. Register here no later than 3:00 pm on the preceding Friday.

Friday, March 14 — Office Organizing 101 presentation to NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Bucks County Chapter in Doylestown, PA. This is free for women already in, or planning, a business. Contact me if you want more information.

Saturday, March 23  — I’ll be operating the booth for the National Association of Professional Organizers’ Greater Philadelphia Chapter at the Bucks and Montgomery County, PA Home Show in Warminster, PA from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. There will be plenty of exhibitors plus free admission and parking. For information, click here.


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