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Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday. When else is it considered appropriate to overfill plates with food and stuff ourselves?  And it is a time to give thanks for our many blessings.

To make holiday entertaining easier, here are 7 tips.

1.  Enjoy your guests and the meal. Don’t spend all your time in the kitchen and feel you must do everything yourself. Enlist help.
2.  Speed clean.Set a timer for 15 minutes per room. Clear the visible clutter, and do a quick dusting and vacuuming. Great products for quick dusting and wiping floors are Swiffer Duster and Swiffer Sweeper. Get family members involved and make it into a game — the fastest one gets a reward! (Then surprise everyone with a little reward, which assures help next time.)
3.  Write down everything in advance in case of last-minute confusion.
4.  Finalize your shopping list and what you plan to serve, in order.
5.  Create a seating chart (with placecards or mentally).
6.  Think of topics to discuss — if the group rarely gets together, this is a great opportunity.
7.  Lay out dishes, silverware, glasses and serving pieces the day before.

I don’t know about you but I plan to enjoy every delicious calorie!

Product of the Month

Trench Coat Holds Your Gear


Wear Your Carry-ons When Flying

(Yes, you read that correctly)

Save the cost of checked baggage fees and time in the baggage claim area by wearing your travel stuff in your coat! Pictured is the Women’s Trench, a coat truly made for traveling, in one of seven colors. Eighteen compartments hold basic items plus smartphones, tablet computers and e-readers. You can even operate devices right through the touch-sensitive pockets! It is machine washable and sells for $150. There are other women’s pocket-style items, and men’s vests and jackets with pockets too, to carry travel and sports gear. For information (and a better picture), click on or call 866-909-8378.

This goes on the I Can’t Believe Someone Actually Thought Of This list!

Quote of the Month

One hour of planning saves three to four hours of redundancy.  ~author unknown

Adriane Weinberg

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