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Did you know that January is Get Organized Month? Being organized truly makes life so much easier!

Resolve to organize at least one space in January.

Think about areas in your home and/or office that need organization. You know the ones — those spaces that cause so much wasted time, energy and money, and lots of stress. Close your eyes (really, close them) and imagine those spaces being organized — picture everything in their homes, finding what you need when you need it and getting things done on time — consistently! Seem impossible to imagine? Then keep narrowing your focus until you can picture some part of it, no matter how small the focus. Then open your eyes.

Think about the gap between your current situation and desired outcome. A plan to get from point A to point B becomes the basis for your goals to get organized. Goals must be clear and thought out. For success, create SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Saying, “I want to get organized” is NOT a goal. It is a concept or a wish. It is too vague to be a goal. For example, what do you want to organize? When?

Here are some tips on creation of SMART goals.

Organize bedroom closet the last weekend of January

  • On Saturday, go through all items, remove things that no longer fit or no longer wanted, and donate, recycle or toss them
  • On Sunday, group similar items and place them according to use

Organize junk drawer on January 20

  • Empty drawer
  • Set aside the things that don’t belong there
  • Group remaining similar things together and put them back in the drawer
  • Relocate, donate, recycle or toss the items that were set aside

What other areas do you want to get organized this year? Remember to consider organization of your time, tasks, electronic data, papers (including mail, bills, files), calendar, and so on.

Organizing can be hard to do alone. If you need help, contact me!


Adriane Weinberg

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